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Gary Sullivan

How to Video: Fixing a swinging door


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Door hinges on interior doors sometimes become loose and the door does not close fully because the screw is stripped in the door or jam. To repair you remove the screw and insert a golf tee with some wood glue in the hole.  The tee is tapered and will snuggly fit in the hole.  You cut the tee flat with a hacksaw blade and run the screw into the tee.  

If the door never stays open that is another problem that can be solved fairly easily.  Remove the pin from the hinge and with a hammer put a slight bow in the pin.  This will cause enough friction to keep the door open.

I have one other door issue to solve for you.  If you have a very steamy bathroom when taking a shower, removing and inch from the doors bottom will help with air ventilation. 

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